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Slackline is truly for everyone

Posted by Pascale Tremblay on
Slackline is truly for everyone

Written by William Fuenmayor, Si Ambassador

As an avid slackliner, I often hear People say things like "I'm too old to do those things" or "I don't have the body  for that", and most commonly "I don't have any balance". Let’s be honest, all of the above are just excuses but it is normal to get those thoughts when starting something new. Pretexts arise from our doubts and fears and stop us from growing and realizing what we want to accomplish. Here are my answers to: 

"I’m too old to do those things"

In regard to the right age to slackline: it does not really exist. There is no specific age range that assures or excludes you from being able to practice this discipline. The slackline can be practiced by childrens who can barely walk on the ground (although we do recommend starting at 5 and up!) and even by elderly people. In all cases, the limits and conditions of the user must be known in order to ensure a good learning experience with minimal risk.

"I don't have the fitness body for that"

You don't have to be a high performance athlete with a developed body to slackline. The innumerable possibilities and options for slacklining allow it to be a discipline that can be perfectly practiced by people of any size and physical condition. Indeed, the only indispensable thing to do is to suggest it, be comfortable and have fun.

"I don't have any balance"

Remember that balance obeys the law of physics; it is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed and in this case, it can always be improved. If you ask your mother, she will tell you how you were trying to stand up on your two feet when baby and how the next minute you were running all over the house. Balance can be improved. It is just a matter of trying. 

There are as many excuses as answers. To get started, I recommend you to find your local slackline community. They will be a helpful resource to answer your questions, concerns or give you tips for a fun experience. Who knows, you may find your new passion?

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