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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Video (full list below)

Slacklining is a relatively new activity in the scheme of things, so as people discover it, questions tend to follow. We love to offer you the answers, so check out our FAQ section below or contact us if your question isn't there.

FAQ List

Issue #1: I Can't Get The Line Tight!

Solution: Make sure you pull all the slack in your line through the ratchet before you start tensioning. This way, your spool will not fill up before your line is tight.

Issue #2: Your Line Is Twisted

Solution: Check to make sure your "taco fold" on either side of the line is still there. If it's not the line may have not been "taco folded" a quarter way around the tree or you line may have been twisted when you put it through the ratchet.

Issue #3: Line Is Crooked In Spool

Solution: The solution to a crooked line in your ratchet spool, lies in the way you tension your ratchet. After fed the line into the ratchet and pulled through all the slack, make sure the webbing is centered in the bolt. Now with one hand hold the line and the slack coming out of the ratchet and with the other hand, crank the ratchet Watch the line feed into the spool and make sure it is going in straight.

Issue #4: Ratchet Is Hard To Pull

Solution: First, make sure you twist the ratchet so the handle is facing up, do this after you have tensed the line a bit so that if you let go of the handle, the ratchet springs back under the line. Next, lock you elbow so your arm is straight. From this point on you will only be puling with your legs, they are far stringer than your arms. Adjust your stance so that your feet are shoulder-width apart and you are standing parallel with the line. Now rock your whole body back and forward while holding the ratchet. Listen to your body on this one. Make little adjustments to your pulling form based on what feels better for you.