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Slacklining without trees? No problem.

Posted by Pascale Tremblay on
Slacklining without trees? No problem.

Let’s break a common myth right now: trees are NOT a requirement to slackline. It doesn’t matter the backyard you have, it's possible to set up a slackline almost anywhere. Taking into consideration that a line is under force, all you need is solid anchor points in order to withstand the load. Take a closer look at the free-standing solutions:

Our A-Frames

Free standing slacklining no trees

What’s an A-Frame? It is a sturdy wood structure screwed into the ground (with either ground screws if placed on the grass or sand anchors if installed on the beach) including custom slots with a square ring to secure the line. There are two different heights to accommodate all types of users. Moreover, it is easy to take down and store in the shed! Here are two different setup options:

slacklining without trees

Tip: Make sure both legs of the frame are on the same level for stability. If you need more information about how to properly set up the A-Frames, click here.

Our Slackstand

slacklining inside

The SI slackstand is a completely self-supporting system without the need for trees or other anchors that can be setup outside or inside. Assembled in three parts, it is easy to install and convenient for storage. Our slackstand is a great alternative to the usual slackline setups when either the space or the presence of trees are challenging. It is also great for kids since it’s low to the ground.

Need help setting up your Slackline Industries Slackstand? Follow along our instructional video and get your Slackstand up and running in no time!

While over the years, we’ve seen many people using (really!) creative ideas for setting up their slackline, please keep in mind that your setup must be 100% safe. This should always be your  #1 priority! 

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