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What is slacklining?

Posted by Pascale Tremblay on
What is slacklining?

Written by William Fuenmayor, Si Ambassador

Slacklining is a discipline that basically consists of keeping balance on a line that is suspended over the ground between two fixed points. There are many forms of slacklining, both in terms of gear used, as well as how/where you do it.

slackline in the park

As for the gear, you can slackline with any type of line, from a static line to a bouncy webbing, as long as it supports your weight safely. There are also different systems to attach your slackline to anchor points like the traditional way which uses round rings and carabiners or the newer system which uses ratchets to tighten the line.

There is a wide range of forms of slacklining that can challenge all types of users. Let’s look closer at the top 3 disciplines:


It consists of doing tricks, flips and spins on a line that is generally quite tense and at relatively short distances up to about 100 feet (30 meters). This form is very dynamic and requires dedication.

trickline in the park


As its name indicates, unlike the trickline that is performed at short distances, this one is performed at long distances (and sometimes veryyyyy long!). More concentration is needed as well as a calmer physical and mental state to be able to travel across distances of hundreds and even thousands of feet.

highline slackline


It is defined as any slackline that is suspended over 100 feet (30 meters) high. It is the most extreme (and impressive!) form that should only be practiced by experts and with the proper equipment. In addition, incredible mind and body control that can be developed with a lot of practice is needed.

With the evolution of the slackline as a discipline, the exceptional technology of the products and more and more people are pushing their limits, all the modalities have evolved, even mixed with each other.

what is slackline girl

With the evolution of the slackline as a discipline, the exceptional technology behind slacklining products as well as a growing community of people consistently pushing their limits, all the forms have evolved, even mixed with each other.

Nowadays, you can practice meditation, yoga postures or specific exercises on a trickline. You can also do dynamic tricks on a longline and/or highline. Additionally, there are more and more incredible mergers of highline and longline where both vertical and horizontal distances are increasingly large.

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