About Us

Slackline Industries (SI) is the premier brand in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support the entire spectrum of slackline styles and users. SI is dedicated to leading the industry in standard-setting programming and product innovations that focus on performance, safety, education, and environmentally responsible etiquette, ultimately, “Putting our Values on the Line.” SI encompasses all things slackline providing the technology, equipment and support for the community and sport as a whole.

Slackline Industries’ goal is to make slacklining accessible to everyone through our line of user-friendly products. Every product has been designed with these principles to enhance traditional slacklining. 

  • Simplicity: easy to assemble and use
  • Function: provide mechanical advantage replacing complicated equipment with new technology
  • Quality: reliable and safe equipment for users at any level
  • Innovation: constantly improve and create equipment for the modern slackliner
Products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have been tested and approved by CPSIA. Slackline Industries stands behind the product line, offering full warranties and customer service support. 

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Slackline Industries fuels the growth of the sport and the slackline community worldwide by educating, connecting and supporting all users from the beginner to pro athlete level. SI products and services are available throughout North America with International distribution in select countries.

Our Team

Ricardo Bottome


Frankie Najera

Marketing and Events Manager

Marcus Nelson

Product Engineer

Heather Larsen

Social Media Coordinator

Martín Hernandez

Team Manager

Brad Schneider

Inside Sales

Micki Ricchetti

Accounting and Logistics