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Slackstand Setup ◆ Slackline Tips

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Slackstand Setup ◆ Slackline Tips

Slackstand Setup

A Quick Guide to a Freestanding Slackline 

By: Frankie Najera
When you first open the Slackstand box from Slackline Industries. Take all the parts our and lay them out to identify and check that you have everything.
Next you'll want to start assembling the leg sections. Insert a long bolt through the neoprene cover and into the front bolt of the leg piece and into the front hole on the large beam. You will repeat this process for remain holes on the neoprene/leg/beam.
Once all three long bolts are through the neoprene, leg piece and large beam, you'll add the second leg piece loosely so the gold spacers can put put into the front top holes of the leg piece and the second holes down from the top back of the leg piece. After that, stretch the neoprene cover over the top of the leg section and put the long bolts through the holes on the neoprene cover and place a (1)washer, (1)lock washer, and (1)nut cap on the end of the exposed long bolts. IF not enough of the bolts are expose to screw the nut cap on, be sure that you are using the long bolts and that the leg sections are tight to the large beam.
To attach the slackline to the legs. Put the sewn loop end of the slackline between the leg sections and insert a bolt through the holes located below the rear gold spacer and secure it with a nut cap.
You will repeat the same process on the other large beam except that in place of where the slackline was attached, a ratchet will be installed. It must be set so it opens outwards and the handle is close to the ground like in the photo below.
To connect the large beams together, insert the center beam into the open ends of the large beams with the welded tabs on the ends of the center beam facing down. If you do not, when you tighten the line, the Slackstand will bow upwards.
To connect the slackline, stretch it from one end of the Slackstand to the side with the ratchet. Be sure that the slackline is going over the tops of the gold spacers but under the neoprene covers.
Open the ratchet and inter the slackline through the opening in the bolt on the ratchet. Be sure that you pull all the extra slackline webbing through the ratchet BEFORE you start to crank on the ratchet to prevent over-spooling the ratchet.
Tighten the slackline once all the extra webbing has been pulled through the ratchet to your desired tension. Ideally this is just enough so you don't touch the beam in the center when you stand on the slackline.
Lock the ratchet so it is in the closed position.
Double check that all bolts and nuts are tight, the ratchet is locked and the beam under the slackline is not bowing, unstable, uneven and the area surrounding the Slackstand is clear.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our email or phone.

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