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How to introduce your kids to slacklining

Posted by Pascale Tremblay on
How to introduce your kids to slacklining

Slacklining is often misperceived as an extreme sport while in fact it is a fun and accessible outdoor activity for the whole family, including the little ones. Agile and fearless, children love testing their balance skills on a slackline. It is a fun activity that brings smiles to faces and that has tons of benefits like : 

benefits slackline kids

Kids are never too young to get started into a new sport, although we suggest 5 years old and up. It is just a matter of adapting the activity to their physical and mental capacities. Slacklining can take various forms and is only limited to our creativity. Here are 4 tips to get your kids on it: 

Tip 1 : Keep sessions short & fun 

slacklining with kids

Have you ever heard about the curve of fun? The theory is genius and so simple. Basically, you need to monitor your kids and watch their fun curve going up and wait for the peak. When they are so into it, you stop the activity. Kids can get tired or cranky at some point but if you stop them at the moment they are having the most fun, they will keep a positive memory of slacklining and next time you suggest this activity, they will be really excited and keen for another session. 

Tip 2: Set small and achievable objectives

slackline children fun

At that age, their minds are ripe for learning and setting small and achievable goals is a great way to motivate children. It is a step by step process that will help build their self-confidence as well as proper skills for slacklining. With your help, they can set the following goals and then, they can have the same goals without your help.

  • Sit on the slackline and try to stay balanced
  • Standing up on the line
  • Keep balance with a foot in the air
  • Walk the first half
  • Walk the whole line
  • ...

Tip 3: Join and bond with them 

Slacklining can be a good opportunity to develop your bond with your children and help enrich the bond that unites you. So put your phone aside and join them in this activity. From showing interest in their game to actually playing with them, you need to let their imagination go. Allow your kids to lead the game because if the game is too oriented on the learning side then they won’t feel like they are playing at all. Never forget that the most important element is FUN ! 

Tip 4 : Add tools to improve quicker 

Help Line: With the help of an extra strap in their hands, they can help themselves at the start and while they are progressing by keeping their balance, thanks to the hanging rope, which will serve as a guide above their head.

Mats: They will probably fall a few times and it is okay. Since the slackline is installed at a low height, they won’t get hurt. Adding mats can be an extra way to help gain confidence.  


Slacklining is a great way to improve coordination while having fun and adding new challenges to each session and at Slackline Industries, we are dedicated to fuel the next generation of slacklining by making it easy and accessible to everyone. 

Discover the Playline Kit and turn any environment into a playground with this slackline designed as a complete kit specifically for introduction to the sport.

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