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Slackline Industries is heading back to the Dominion River Rock Festival in Richmond, VA on May 20-22, 2016. This event will showcase the best slackline athletes in the world as the compete for $5000 in prize money.

This competition is judged according to ISI Rules and Regulations.

In addition to the slackline competition. We will have an interactive area for people to try out slacklining themselves as well as a highline setup over the canal at Brown's Island!

Interested in competing? Email: info@slackind.com

River Rock 



Alisson FerreiraAlex MasonItsuki HosoeEmi GimenezAbraham Hernandez

From left to right: Martin Hernandez, Alisson Ferreira, Alex Mason, Itsuki Hosoe, Emi Gimenez, Abraham Hernandez, Gabriel Aglio, Davis Hermes, Luca Rocha and Nico Aimone

This year's athletes feature past winners like Alex Mason and Emi Gimenez and also fresh new faces and potential new champions like Abraham Hernandez and Luca Rocha. In what is sure to be the most intense slackline competitions Dominion Riverrock has ever seen, it will be a competition that you will not want to miss.



ISI Slackline Judging

The 2016 Dominion Riverrock competition will be judged by three ISI judges whom have all been competitive slackliners themselves and judged multiple competitions under the ISI Slackline Judging system.

Frankie NajeraMichael Bross

From left to right: Frankie Najera, Michael Bross, Luke Hall



1. Alex Mason - 409.52 points

2. Abraham Hernandez - 405.29 points

3. Luca Rocha - 303.83 points

4. Emi Gimenez - 283.22 points

ISI Slackline Judging 


1. Felix Carreira - 204.5 points

2. Emi Gimenez - 176.69

3. Kota Kayasaka - 161.73 points

4. Gabriel Aglio - 144.42 points

ISI Slackline Judging


1. Alex Mason

2. Felix Carreira

3. GJustin Wagers

4. Gabriel Aglio

WSFed Judging


1. Felix Carreira

2. Alex Mason

3. Gabriel Aglio

4. Mickey Wilson

WSFed Judging


1. Mike Payton

2. Alex Mason

3. Diego Barrera

4. Ezequiel Troncoso

WSFed Judging