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Top 3 Slacklining Memories from Ambassador Victoria Olivares

Posted by Mark Smith on
Top 3 Slacklining Memories from Ambassador Victoria Olivares

1- who are you?

I'm Victoria Olivares and I'm 28 years old. I'm a Graphic Designer by profession, I was born in Venezuela, but I've been living in Chile for two years. Since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about outdoor activities. This has made me enter the world of sports at an early age, I have had the joy of practicing several sports and slacklining has certainly been one of my favorites.


2-when did you start slacklining and how did you discover that sport?

I started practicing slacklining on September 6th, 2011 to be exact (I remember it like it was yesterday haha). I first saw it on the beach near my city, at that moment it caught my attention, but that's not when I started practicing it. After 6 months, I met another person who practiced it at the university, and that's when I decided to give it a try and it did not take long until I fell in love with it.


3- why do you like it ?

Slacklining has been a fundamental sport for me, it really changed my life. I had a strong surgery in one of my knees due to a growth issue I had. After that, slacklining literally played a huge role in my successful rehabilitation and has made me break the stigma of things that "I could never do" after surgery. I like that it has many modalities and variations that I can connect with myself at any level.

Memory #1

 This photo was taken at Parque Ines de Suarez, Santiago de Chile, in 2021. 

This trick is called Elbow Lever and is my favorite.  I can say It was a regular Slackline day in the park with some friends but at this moment, I was so happy to play outside doing what I love.


Memory #2

That one was at Unitec University Campus, Valencia, Venezuela. 2013.

I was finishing an amateur competition I organized with other Slackline teammates.

I remembered enjoying my achievements. Some of the people I stand beside are the ones who taught me and pushed me to always be better.


 Memory #3 

I love this memory at the X-Games 2015, Austin, Texas. 

At this moment, I was giving a Slackline exhibition at one of the biggest sports events in the world. I felt so amazed. It was such a huge achievement to be able to participate in such an amazing event, for what it meant for me and the precedent I helped set for the sport, it was an awesome experience.

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