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Pushed by our will and responsibility to do better for our planet, Slackline Industries has joined 1% For The Planet a few months ago and committed to giving 1% of our sales each year to non-profit organizations that work for a brighter future. 

This year we have chosen to partner with the organization Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 1989, Environmental Youth Alliance supports youth facing barriers to connect with nature and develop the skills and confidence to steward the environment through land-based education and job training programs.

Youth participants learn about native plant gardening, Indigenous plant use, and pollinator conservation while restoring habitat for birds, bees and other wildlife and improving access to nature in the city. 

EYA supports annually approximately 700 children and youth.

EYA Roots and Shoots youth learning conservation skills

EYA programs are grounded in new research demonstrating that nature experiences support healthy adolescent development, while also strengthening youths' environmental values and ethics. Youth participants demonstrate the following positive impacts:

Love for nature.  
Through EYA programs, youth develop an intimate bond with the land. In turn, this helps youth develop new appreciation, awareness, and caring for plants, wildlife, and the natural world - leading to stronger environmental values and inspiring them to take action to protect and conserve nature.

Mental health.
Youth participants directly experience and connect with the natural world. In turn, this improves mental, cognitive, and emotional health, and supports the cultural wellbeing of Indigenous youth - leading to increased happiness, resilience, and academic success.

Skills & confidence.

Youth participants acquire skills & knowledge in nature stewardship and community leadership, growing self confidence and empowerment. This increases employability and empowers youth to participate in environmental conservation initiatives in their communities.

Social ties. 
Through EYA programs, youth connect with like-minded peers and community members, and build relationships with the land. This reduces isolation and increases sense of place and belonging.

For more information, visit

Instagram: @1percentftp
Facebook: @1percentfortheplanet

For more information, visit

Instagram: @Enviroyouthalliance
Facebook: @EnvironmentalYouthAlliance