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Posted by Archetype Themes Collaborator on

Birth Date: March 28, 1993

Current Location: Maracay, Venezuela

Sponsors: Slackline Industries

Slackline Discipline: Trickline


When did you start slacklining?

September 11, 2011


What kept you hooked?

I am really sports girl, I just love doing everything active. But I stayed in slacklining because I saw people doing tricks and I loved the vibes of slacklining. I also learned pretty quickly so it was fun for me.


What is your proudest accomplishment in slacklining?

Making the international SI ambassador team, and also being the only female slackliner in Venezuela!


Is it challenging to be the only female slackliner in Venezuela?

It is not challenging, but I think I would be more motivated to slackline harder if there were more girls around. I am trying to get more girls into slacklining through teaching classes twice a week in Venezuela!


What’s your favorite trick or your favorite line?

I love doing the splits on the line.


Do you take inspiration from other sports in your slackline style?

I am also a pole dance instructor and I’ve also taught some flexibility workshops. I think these skills definitely spill over into my slackline style, I work on a lot of flexibility tricks.


What music do you like to slackline to?

Depending on the mood I have, I like listening to Electronic, Dubstep, and sometimes Hip Hop.

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