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Top 3 Slacklining Memories from Ambassador William Fuenmayor

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Top 3 Slacklining Memories from Ambassador William Fuenmayor

1- who are you 

Hi there! I'm William Fuenmayor. Born in Venezuela, currently living in Chile. I'm an architect by profession and graphic designer by vocation, I also love photography, cooking, and outdoor adventures.

2-when did you start slacklining and how did you discover that sport 

I've been slacklining since early 2010, specifically tricklining. I discovered slacklining during an outdoor expo event while still in Venezuela, I tried it and really liked it. But it was only a few months later when I decided to get a slackline and start playing around.

3- why do you like it ? 

It caught my attention because it looked fun, easy to set up and the people around it were (are) very nice in general. I've felt welcomed in small groups since the beginning and being creative and stubborn allowed me to unlock tricks from day one, which led me to always wanting more and more until 2012, when I managed to become a sponsored athlete, to travel, to compete internationally, and to get to know some amazing places and people, and I ended up being close friends with most of them.

4- What is your best move ?

I have a couple of favorites, one of them is the backbounce, pretty fun, and such an achievement, landing this trick back in the beginning of trickling was huge, although it still feels great to land it and chain it with other tricks. Second and my top, I would say is buttflip to feet, which is frontflip from your butt to land on your feet, landing this one is also lots of fun but adrenaline as well, being a trick that needs so much confidence and technicity, it feels awesome to land it every time.

Memory #1. 


When I started.

Back in 2010, an 18-year-old William trying to figure out this slack-thing. This picture was during a family trip to the beach. This was the very first time I used my own slackline and also the first time I carried my gear somewhere else than the usual park. At the moment, I never thought I could achieve so much with the sport, back then it was just a fun new toy to hang out with. I was so excited to get some awesome paradise beach shots, I never considered that I actually had to know how to slackline to get the shots.


Memory #2.

On top of the world.

This image represents the top of what I could call "my slackline career" at least in the competing field. This was the last time I participated in a massive event, it was the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado. I did not finish close to the top, but I could say it was one of the greatest moments I experienced with the sport, being surrounded with amazing athletes, some already close friends, also so many new people in the sport, having the crowd interested, slacklining being covered as such a big deal, and with such awesome vibes was all so satisfying, this was surely a moment to remember.

Memory #3.



Even when I'm retired from competing (this sounds like I'm 75 or something haha), I have never stopped slacklining. Something I love about the sport is that there are so many ways it can be practiced, even when I haven't tried any new trick in a while it is still fun to bounce around, go out and share with friends. Today, I feel fulfilled that I still practice often, that every time I'm in the park I'm teaching something to someone, that I am happy to answer questions to curious people that pass by, or just so happy that I still enjoy slacklining a lot.




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