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With the desire to spread our love and passion for slacklining, we are stoked to officially launch our new ambassador program. We invite ALL slackliners from beginners to expert to apply. We believe that together, we can do so much more.

Ambassador Program

We want to share what you are doing on your slackline to the world. You certainly don't have to be a pro, although we welcome them to apply as well. We are looking for fun people who like creating fun content. Whether you can take 2 steps or you can do a backflip, we are all about sharing the love of the sport so we can get more people into it. If you think that is you, then apply today! If we choose you, here's how it will go:

Ambassador requirements.  

- Tag and post about Slackline Industries on Instagram and/or Facebook at least 2 times a month (more tags are welcomed!)

- Provide Slackline Industries with 1 longer form piece or content per year in the form of a blog, video or IG takeover.

Ambassador benefits.

- Slackline Industries will provide a summer package which includes a slackline kit and summer accessories.

- Ambassador content will be shared on Slackline Industries's blog, Facebook page or lnstagram account

- Ambassador can add to their bio @slackind ambassador

- Featured profile on the Slackline Industries website 

Are you in? 
Applications close on June 30th, 2021.