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5 accessible yoga poses on a Slackline

5 accessible yoga poses on a Slackline

Written by Jerrod Fassler Skywalker, SI Ambassador

While many think slacklining as walking a line it’s in fact so much more. When I first started slacking I thought that’s all I wanted to do, little did I know I could do other things before even taking steps. And being a lover of yoga, I started looking at how I could marry the two. These yoga moves will help you improve your breathing, body awareness, and different ways to approach Slacklining besides your most common, parallel standing- tree facing way. 


towards the tree so you’re higher off the ground

Pick a butt cheek and place some weight onto the line, whatever cheek you’re on keep that foot on the ground. Lift the opposite foot onto the line, so you have one cheek and opposite foot on line. Gaze at the tree ahead of you, hands wide and begin movement by lifting the heel of the foot on ground towards butt. If things get crazy, place your foot back on the ground. Repeat. When you can sit for a few breaths, try introducing difficulty with prayer hands or starting to play with bringing dangling foot up to line.


in the middle of the line, pick a knee to place on line

Bring that same hand to ground. Place the opposite hand on line and keep the other foot on ground so you have one hand opposite knee on line, and one hand and foot on ground. Start by shifting weight into hand on ground to lift your back leg. With the back leg straight and long, start to lift your gaze up. Reach through your heel to start to shift weight a little back and eventually the hand on ground gets light enough to reach forward. Reach through your hand and press through toes and heel. 


on the line wherever you're comfortable

From a slacker stance (one foot on line other limbs free floating). Start to play with taking the free leg and foot behind you slightly tapping the line and releasing back to a slacker stance. As you build strength, you can hold and stretch your leg behind you longer and eventually get into a deep crescent lunge position.


on the line wherever you're comfortable

From a slacker stance (one foot on line other limbs free floating). Start to lift your free foot up into your inner ankle or if you have the flexibility, to the thigh. Avoid placing your foot on your knee. If things get crazy, release back to slacker stance. As time progresses, you can hold longer or add arm binds.


head towards tree or anchor point of line

Like sitting, pick a butt cheek, extend that leg long and either leg on top or wrap under line. Opposite leg stays on the ground the ENTIRE time, start to lean back with your arms wide unless guiding the line down back. Eventually let your arms be wide and hang below the line with one leg on line or wrapped and one leg touching on ground. We start with barely lifting the heel off the line but keep the leg low. If you bring the leg up too high or too fast, you will spin off into the ground. You will look like a droopy starfish. 

Don't forget to breathe and
May the Force be with you.

Again, none of these yoga poses require any walking so go out and give them a shot. If you’re an experienced slacker give them a shot as they will help with sit starts, other mounts, exposure standing, and more.